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4 Wanaka Eats to Please Your Inner Foodie

Are you one click away from booking a snowy New Zealand holiday? Torn between two or three locations? Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you ski in Kiwiland; every field and destination delivers world-class mountain scenery and mood melting side-adventures, so let’s be clear… good food can make or break a getaway experience. Today’s gastronomic spotlight shines on the laid-back winter escape of Wanaka, fleshing out our favourite four haunts to kick back, relax and take advantage of the local après ski setting.

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3 Queenstown Eats for Every Food Style

Can you hear that? The rumbling, grumbling sound close to your naval, just under your rib cage? After a long day of skiing and snowboarding your way to holiday happiness, you’ve worked up an appetite, and takeaway brands won’t cut it here. You need food. Delicious, mouth-watering, taste-bud-tempting Queenstown eats that leave you fulfilled and eager to return. We’re happy to oblige. Work your way through our top three Queenstown restaurants, appealing to every budget for a memorable New Zealand holiday, snow or no snow.

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