Beginner snowboarder practising at Coronet Peak

Why You Should Learn to Ski in New Zealand this Year

Snow season is upon us. The fields are ready, the drifts are thick and our favourite hot-spots are shrugging off the last edges of autumn for a rollicking, snow-ball filled frenzy. It’s time to do something different, adventurous even, and trade those certain, slip-proof shoes you’re wearing for a slick pair of skies. Go from sledding all day to shredding all week with the support and insight of our Ski Express experts and instructors.

Still looking for a reason why this season is YOUR season? Take our top four and explore what it would be like to dive into a New Zealand ski holiday head-first.

Learn a New Skill at Any Age

Young and old, tall and short, athletic or not, it’s never too late or too early to get a feel for New Zealand’s favourite winter sport – provided the little ones can walk, of course! Starting out on a gentle, dry slope, you’ll get a feel for the movement and physical requirements at your own speed, supervised all the way by a qualified instructor. Since we only package quality facilities, you can be assured at the end of a long, hard learn to ski class, kicking up your feet will certainly be a well-earned option.

Bite into Foodie Heaven

Warm, delicious and altogether delightful lunch and dinner choices await your sampling palate, as a day of skiing gives way to a night of tasting in Wanaka and Queenstown. Unstrap your skis, put on your best and get ready to hit the hottest bars, restaurants and eateries the South Island offers in spades – generous portions likely! From Wanaka Gourmet Kitchen to Big Fig Wanaka for our awesome Wanaka learners, to Botswana Butchery and Tanoshi for our budding Queenstown questers, there is something for everyone to sink their teeth into with relish. Don’t forget to ask your instructors for a recommendation or two – they’re experts on all things New Zealand, on and off the snowfields.

We Make Well-Rounded Adrenaline Junkies

Learning to ski can be scary. You might fall more than once… but it’s still worth it. One day, one successful run and you’ll be hooked for the rest of your life. Our learn to ski packages aren’t merely holidays, they’re experiences, designed to balance your inner adrenaline junkie with an environmentally enriched worldview. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the local culture, understanding the harmony of the land, earth and sea, keeping an eye for wildlife and respecting the diverse flora of the land.

Side-Trip Paradise

Queenstown and Wanaka are packed with things to do, from the Nevis Bungee on the edges of New Zealand’s what-a-rush city, to the jaw-dropping beauty of Mount Aspiring National Park just beyond the reaches of Coronet Peak, every single sense will be more than satisfied – you’ll be mystified, and happy, that you took the time to witness more than a healthy snow-fall.

Are you ready to get your skis on? Join us on the slopes. Find out more about learning to ski or board in New Zealand.