Friends chatting while having drinks in a bar in Queenstown

Queenstown Must-Do’s on a Saturday Night

Where should you go, when the snowfields close and lifts stand still? Back to the lodge? Your room? To the warmth of a good, long sleep after a warm tea? While a quiet night might appeal when you’re at home with Netflix and snacks, a New Zealand holiday demands to be explored on the other side of dusk. Are you up to the task of a twilight tour of Queenstown? Great tastes, soothing sounds and magical sites await, as you work your way through our list of Saturday night must-do’s.

Minus 5 Ice Bar

Address: Beach Street, Steamer Wharf

Minus 5 Ice Bar attracts a strong crowd, as party-goers, family groups and pre-dinner drinkers don the latest in Eskimo couture to explore a world made from 18 tonnes of pristine ice. Nothing short of magical and always hospitable, you’ll be tickled blue by rows of intricate sculptures, carved by the resident ice artist. Feeling thirsty? Satisfy your cocktail craving (or mocktails for the kids) with a chilly concoctions, served in an ice-crafted glass before taking silly pictures with friends and kicking back with new acquaintances.

The Ledge Bungy… at Night

Address: Located at the top of the Gondola in Queenstown.

Do you have an affection for heights and daredevil feats? Do you want to? Are you ready to do something different? Queenstown is the bungy capital of the world, capturing the carefree essence of the city in one 400m freefall before the super secure cord catches you. Imagine the same sensation at night… take the plunge into darkness and feel entirely exhilarated.

Pizza at Winnies

Address: 7-9 the Mall, Queenstown

Feeling hungry? Are you craving something delicious, authentic and still completely Kiwi? Winnies Pizza is a must for any Queenstown visitor, delighting tastebuds with not-so-simple flavours, surprising dishes and coleslaw with bite… we’ve warned you, it’s spicy. Bridging the early family crowd and the bar-hopping crew seamlessly, everyone will appreciate the warm vibes and relaxing atmosphere of this iconic pizzeria.

Try: The Tri-Factor Pizza – Yum!

Night Skiing Coronet Peak

Address: Coronet Peak Ski Area

Queenstown. Night. Skiing. Three words that belong together. Night skiing Queenstown. It doesn’t matter how you say it, it just makes perfect sense to seize this opportunity and dig in with both skis. The stars are sparkling, the city lights are glittering and the wide, open slopes of Coronet Peak await your feet – there’s nothing like a sunset from the top. Watch the crowds thin out and make your way down in the dark.

About That Warm Tea…

Address: 12 Church Lane

How about a cold one instead? Laced with alcohol? Okay, mostly alcohol and mixers, ice and umbrellas. We won’t mislead you anymore, it’s a cocktail served in a teapot, courtesy of the creative folks at the World Bar. Catch a live band, chill out to some tunes and enjoy your night, soaking up the ambience of Queenstown’s coolest hotspot.

Mix day-time thrills with night-time pleasures in New Zealand’s heart-stopping, southern city. Can’t wait? Are you planning what you’ll pack already? Get on the slopes this season with our Queenstown ski deals.