Skiing with Kids: Your First Family Holiday Survival Guide

The time has come. You can no longer deny yourself a New Zealand holiday, scrimping and saving to afford the snow-side fiesta you know you deserve. Planning a family ski holiday can be a tall order for most – bags, packs, mid-air distractions and age-appropriate attractions, there’s a lot to know and tick off before you board your flight. Luckily, we have the inside word on making the getaway process easier for everyone.

Choose the Right Location

New Zealand is covered with ski fields and resort choices, each suited to a certain type or speed of skier. The Queenstown crowd are often rearing to go, comprised of solo travelers, couples and groups – although kids do make an appearance, Wanaka and Mt Ruapehu might be better choices for those with mini-me’s. Both options skip the clubbing culture of the rollicking south island city, delivering a range of on and mountain activities instead, including simple pleasures like hiking and nature-seeking, and heart-stoppers like jet-boating!

Make Each Dollar Count

Holidays often coincide with a temptation to spend a little (or a lot) on a suitable wardrobe, particularly if you’re going somewhere very cold. While it may be worth investing in your own gear if you become a regular, wait until the little ones stop growing to do kit out their closets with the latest snow gear. Gear hire is comparatively cheap and accessible at every ski location in New Zealand, cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. Other money drains include not bundling those unexpected essentials that tend to pile up – take advantage of family ski holiday packages, free lift passes and transfers, working with experts like Ski Express to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Good news, Mum’s and Dad’s. Adults-only time IS possible, from bar-hopping and wine-tasting, to shredding down the mountain or just plain old silence/stillness. You deserve it. Not sure where to start? Queenstown visitors will love slipping into the thermal depths of the Onsen Hot Pools; Wanaka snow bunnies can’t go past a hike into Mt Aspiring National Park; and Mt Ruapehu peeps continually rave about the off-mountain, volcanic exploration, including the renowned Tongariro Crossing.

Invest in Lessons

Ski lessons in Wanaka, Queenstown or Mt Ruepehu are great idea for the whole family, especially if you’re not too familiar with the brakes. You’ll be split into age and experience levels – say goodbye to the kids for a bit – and shown the basics. In this case, basic isn’t boring – basic can keep your bones intact. Skiing is a lifelong skill, transferable to any wintry location, so don’t be egged on by the zooming speed addicts zipping down the mountain – form and function wins over flashy moves every time. Solid, educational fun for the whole family.

Leave camping to the less intrepid. Ski Express are here to do the hard yards – get in touch today and explore New Zealand with the kids in tow, on one of our Family Ski Holidays!