When Can I Get the Best Deals for Skiing or Snowboarding in New Zealand?

Planning a holiday can be challenging if you’re not sure where to begin, what to look for or how much to pay. Some packages seem too good to be true, there are black-out dates and you’re usually left wondering if you’ve secured a solid arrangement until departure day arrives. Skip the uncertainty on your next New Zealand ski holiday and let Ski Express take care of the finer details, from the low-down on New Zealand deals to the early birds you keep hearing so much about. We promise, its song is sweet and worth considering.

Cheat 1: Early Bird Deals Are Legitimately the Cheapest Way to Travel

We know. Spontaneity is more exciting – almost nothing beats the feeling of sitting in an office one minute and skiing powdery white slopes the next, without a plan or reason, just because you can… almost nothing. You know what feels better? The same holiday for less. Early bird specials begin appearing in late October, incrementally increasing in price as March appears on the horizon – you’ll likely score the best ski deals, including a ream of inclusions, around December or January.

Our tip? Don’t be shy. Work out the details with an expert – our team has access to exclusive attractions and packages sure to make your holiday one to remember.

Cheat 2: Avoid Holiday Dates

Travelling New Zealand during the school break is nothing short of holiday masochism. Crowds, endless winter thralls of kids and teens in brightly coloured snow clothes, make the most of their local environment and inspire monumental price hikes. Queenstown Winter Festival and the Winter Games are in similar category; we call it sky-rocket city. Accommodation options during these periods are few, far between and extremely costly, transforming your cost-effective backpackers into an overpriced sardine can. You deserve comfort, class and affordability – don’t settle for anything less.

Stay Connected. Be Deal Savvy

Social media is everything. It’s a tool you can use to stalk mind-melting deals in one place, keeping your eye on packages, price changes and seasonal updates until that early bird comes calling or a killer deal comes knocking. But, and it’s a doozy, you don’t realise how much better it gets when you sign up to receive the latest news and deals direct to your inbox.

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