4 Ski Tips for Beginners

Hey, Newbie! If you’ve found your way here after googling ski tips and beginners in the same line, we have everything you need in one place. We’re passionate and experienced snow enthusiasts, with a talent for making the first, second and third time easy for learners. Before you buy a bunch of gear, pack your bags and board your plane for the first day of your New Zealand ski holiday – because where else would you want to ski – we have a few insights to save you time, excess baggage charges and a decent amount of guesswork. While we can’t promise to reduce your nerves to zero – a touch of caution can be a beautiful thing – by the end of this article, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your choice of alpine getaway.

1. Hire, Don’t Buy

We get it, shopping for new gear can be exciting, particularly when you’re on the precipice of an overseas adventure, but there’s a couple of reason why purchasing skis, boots, jackets etc is a bad idea the first few times on the slopes. The first? You don’t know if you’re going to like it enough to justify the cost. Buying everything you need outright is pricey. And the second… gear weighs a lot. Airline carriers only allow so much baggage without burdening your credit card.

2. Hit the Gym

Hate the gym? The world is your exercise park. Skiing and snow-boarding demand a certain level of physical fitness, and while you may be excited about hitting the slopes from dusk until dawn now, by the third morning, your uninitiated body may have other ideas. Too busy? Swap an elevator ride for the stairs; start walking daily or work on your squat – stairs, walking and squats are all free and target the spots you need to strengthen.

3. Friends Aren’t Instructors

Have you signed up for a New Zealand ski package with a couple of mates? Maybe you’re talking about it, and a friend of a friend is really good at teaching newbies how to ski quickly… whatever the case or story, mates (and mates of mates) don’t make good or experienced instructors. Unless they’re certified. Book yourself into a ski school and skip the inevitable moment when they either push you into something you’re not ready for, or ditch you down the bottom.

4. Come Prepared

While your hired ski-gear will do most of the heavy lifting, keep warm and snuggly with a thermal jumper underneath. Conditions can change on a dime in New Zealand, so carrying a backpack with an extra layer and a packed lunch will ensure you don’t get too cold, too warm or extremely hungry mountain-side. Taking your own food at least one or two days will save dollars for more important things… like 4WD touring or bungy jumping!

Ready to tackle the slopes of Queenstown or Wanaka? You’re your snow dreams come true this year. Speak to our experienced ski specialists today and nail down the perfect learner package.