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Why now is the best time to book your 2020 Queenstown ski holiday

Leaving your holiday planning to the last minute is the worst. It’s like that feeling of dread you get when you do something stupid; like when you lock yourself out of the house, or accidentally CC the whole office into a personal email.

All that rushing around and searching like mad as you find everything is booked out and/or super expensive. It’s just not fun, and isn’t fun what a ski holiday is all about?

Right now, you might be thinking—’but it’s almost summer, I’ve got the beach on my mind, not skiing!’. But if you book your ski trip early, you can take your pick of the best accommodation Queenstown has to offer and enjoy some great deals that will dry up once the ski season draws closer.

Why book early?

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There are many excellent reasons to book your ski trip nice and early; especially when travelling to Queenstown which is NZ’s busiest winter hotspot. While there is a lot of accommodation to choose from in Queenstown, if you leave it too late, you’re likely to find your preferred options are fully booked.

Australian and New Zealand school holidays both run in July 2020 so expect this period to be the busiest time of year in NZ’s ski resorts; book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Another great reason to book your holiday early is to enjoy that pre-holiday buzz for longer. Having your holiday marked down in the calendar really helps to bring excitement into your life and gives you a goal to work towards. Having a busy period at work? Getting slammed with studies? Just need a break from the daily grind?

There’s no better tonic than knowing that soon you’ll be off skiing in an alpine paradise, far away from it all. As always, prices for flights and accommodation invariably go up the closer to the time you book, so if you already know you’re going on a ski holiday in 2020, why not book as early as possible?

When are the peak times? When is quiet?

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Queenstown has its annual winter festival in June, which is a major highlight in the winter calendar; and the previously mentioned June/July 2020 school holidays will see the biggest crowds in town. During the July peak, accommodation and attractions are guaranteed to be packed with young families and availability will be hard to come by.

If you prefer the idea of going when things have eased back a bit, we highly recommend booking a spring skiing trip—the ski fields are now open well into October, and town is much quieter after the midwinter peak. Spring is a fantastic time of year to ski—you might find some of the best snow and best weather of the season. Book soon and chances are you’ll be able to snag some sharp deals on flights and accommodation

For more information on how and when to book your New Zealand ski trip, contact us today.