What’s Happening at Cardrona this Summer?

Winter is over. Spring is almost done. But summer? Cardrona comes to life again in the depths of the sunshine months, as glistening peaks signal all kinds of fun to visitors and locals alike – you don’t need skis, snowboards or thick, warm clothes to enjoy New Zealand’s southern alps. All you need is time. How often do you take some for yourself and spend a day or seven seriously enjoying every twist, turn and adrenaline packed second?

Find out why New Zealand is the place to be in summer and join us for a Cardrona mountain biking adventure… or maybe you’re more of a golfer? It doesn’t matter, there’s something for everyone.

Mountain Carting

Fly down the mountain-side, letting gravity take control of your cart as you steer into the corners, tackle sharp bends, and arrive safely at the foot of the mountain to do it all over again. There are three carting trails to choose from, from a short and sweet decline – ideal for nervous beginners and little kids – to a winding 3km trail, taking riders out to Captain’s Basin, you’ll slowly gain the confidence to conquer the carting roads and have silly, scary fun all the while.

Inside Tip: Wear tough shoes and dress in layers – you may want to take a windproof jacket, as weather on the mountain changes without notice.

Mountain Biking

New Zealand mountain biking doesn’t get much better than Cardrona Bike Park, a rough and tumble playground ideal for every level of rider – from staggering descents to gradual, pleasure-riding trails, you’ll be inspired, tickled and entertained as you explore every metre of this alpine playground. Are you an experienced mountain biker? We have an experience for you… and no, you don’t want to miss out. The Cardrona Peak to Pub pits riders against 10km of back-country free-riding, making short work of 1,270m of vertical descent and a variety of tricky terrains, ending with a cold one at the Cardrona Hotel… sweet.

Inside Tip: Take advantage of the free learner zone if you’re not accustomed to mountain-biking. Your legs will soon warm to the feeling of lapping the lifts and bouncing on the pedals!

Frisbee Golf

Leave your clubs at home and dress for the mountain weather – Frisbee golf isn’t exactly like its conventional cousin. Sure, you score points by directing an object into a hole, but replace the small white ball with a bright yellow frisbee and in-ground hole with a metal basket, and you have Frisbee Golf! Inspired by an increased interest around Queenstown, the team at Cardrona have united a little golfing fun with mountain orienteering, incorporating the two activities to create a brand spanking new summer to-do.

Access the 18 hole frisbee golf course via the lift, and spend the day exploring the Southern Alps – here you’ll test your aim, patience and arm against a light yellow disk. Sound easy? It gets windy in the mountain.

Are you hankering for an adventure out of the ordinary? Get dusty on Cardrona this summer with Ski Express. Contact us today.


Photo credits: www.cardrona.com