Snowboarder carving down the slope at Trable Cone

5 Reasons Treble Cone Ski Field Should Be the Place for Your Next New Zealand Ski Adventure

You’ve been wanting to get away for a while now, to stretch your tired legs and breathe deeply of fresh, frosty air, with fresh snowflakes sticking to your cheeks and long, lithe skis strapped to your feet. You can’t stop thinking about a simple skication, researching destinations like Wanaka and Treble Cone, thinking one day… maybe next winter… well, next winter is here. You deserve a New Zealand ski holiday this year. While the land of the long white cloud lives up to its reputation as a white wonderland destination, it’s hard to beat one of our Treble Cone ski packages.

Why Treble Cone? You’re about to find out.

1. Freeriding Terrain

There’s nothing like a Treble Cone ski trip this side of winter… with a healthy divide of intermediate and advanced runs, snowboarders and ski junkies are nothing short of delighted with the arching natural half pipes and wicked, groomed runs. A real do-it-your-way paradise, beginners cut their teeth at the foot of the mountain on a gentle, forgiving slope, topped-up by snow machines daily. If you’re ready for something more challenging or you consider yourself a veteran, the powder bowls, technical gullies, chutes, jaw-dropping natural jumps and huge drops will keep you busy.

Runs to check out:

  • Beginners: Easy Rider (3.5km)
  • Intermediate: Main Street (2km)
  • Advanced: Motatpu Chutes

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2. Largest Ski Area on the South Island

When it comes to snow getaways, Treble Cone skiing packages don’t disappoint on the variety count. Lauded as the largest ski area on the South Island, the ‘Cone covers 550 hectares or 1,359 acres… it literally has something for everyone, although runs lean more to the intermediate/advanced crowd. 700m of vertical is a lot – so long, in fact, that it takes out the prize for the longest space in the Queenstown Lakes District, boasting the scenic Raffles Run among countless others. Searching for a spine-tingler? Sick of easy street? Check out our next point.

3. Chills, Drops and Thrills

Attention adrenaline chasers… this is your port of call. Treble Cone isn’t just home to a supportive beginner’s environment and wicked intermediate runs for snow peeps who haven’t quite made their way to the black stripe yet – no, there’s plenty to keep you interested. Saddle Basin will test your jumping prowess; the Saddle Back your balance and the bowls, chutes, twists and turns your speed, flexibility and endurance. You’ll be tired, sore and so ready for more by the time Treble Cone is done with you.

4. It’s All About the Views

We’re sure you’ve heard it all by now, but we really must reiterate… New Zealand is probably the most resplendent, charming and brilliantly beautiful country on the planet. Chilling on the Treble Cone will avail you to awesome views across the crystalline Lake Wanaka and the striking Southern Alps. Adjective heavy, we know, but it’s hard to describe the pure joy of a perfect run punctuated by world class scenery. One picture posted in the right place, and everyone you know will be a) jealous and b) eager to come along next time.

5. Freebie Platter

Are you a beginner? Do you know someone who wants to try skiing but feels a bit weird going by themselves? Do you have a friend who could use some pointers? Despite its snow-shredding reputation, Treble Cone treats its new recruits with care and respect, including zero dollar access to the Magic Carpet as well as the Nice and Easy surface lift, to help you get where you’re going. Ski Express also offers awesome learn-to-ski deals to anybody who wants to give it a go, working in conjunction with the good folks of the ‘Cone.

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