Cardrona & Treble Cone 2023 – Lift Pass Changes plus 5 Top Tips

Make the most of winter this year with 5 handy tips for Cardrona & Treble Cone, plus an update on the Lift Pass changes!

Which Lift Pass Do I Buy?

In 2023, Cardrona & Treble Cone are changing the way you buy lift passes. We have listed all things you need to know before purchasing your 2023 lift pass:

Early Bird Multi-Day Pass

Multi-Day Pass (Coming soon)

  • You are required to specify a mountain and day(s) you want to visit
  • Lock into a ‘window’ of days to use the pass e.g. 2 of 3 days
  • No blackout periods
  • Popular days will sell out!
Cardrona Ski Area

5 Top Tips for Winter 2023

With new changes coming to the ski fields this year, paired with the expectation of being the largest season in the past 10 years, we have listed some of the top tips for having an epic time on the mountains.

1: Using bus service or free shuttles for a stress-free trip to the mountains
Enjoy the scenery and relax on the bus service from Wānaka or Queenstown, and take advantage of free shuttles from the bottom of the mountains. Avoid the hassle of driving and parking, and arrive at the mountains ready to hit the slopes.

2: Get snow ready at Apres Wanaka or Queenstown town office
Prepare for a day on the slopes with the team at Après Wānaka or visit the Queenstown town office if you’re based there. Visiting during off-peak hours allows for a more relaxed experience and and provides the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and snacks while the team takes care of your needs.

3: Explore the whole mountain for epic terrain
Don’t miss out on the hidden gems of Willows Basin and catch the chairlift from Valley View Carpark for a quieter experience. Take advantage of some of the best-kept secret spots on the mountain and experience all the mountain has to offer, not just the popular runs.

4: Keep it sustainable with responsible waste management
Pack in and pack out to help reduce waste. There are no public-facing landfill bins on-mountain, which means there has been at least 32 tonnes of waste reduced per winter. Mountains are now prioritizing recycling and composting, and only sell items in recyclable or compostable packaging. Help us maintain a sustainable mountain for generations to come.

5: Enjoy plenty of food and beverage options across the mountain
With eight food and beverage outlets at Cardrona, and five at Treble Cone, there are plenty of options. Get your morning coffee fix at various locations across the mountain, fuel up and keep going with tasty and convenient food options, and take a break and relax while enjoying the stunning mountain views.

For any further queries, contact Ski Express today.