Friends arriving at Mt Hutt ski area with car park in the background

5 Reasons Mt Hutt Ski Field Should Be the Place for Your Next New Zealand Ski Adventure

There’s nothing like the smell of snow on the air. Pristine, powdery and easily crushed, as clean skis slice through the freshly formed drifts and slip faster into a cutting speed. You’re ready for it. The action. The moment when you strap on your snow-boots for the first time this winter season, warm and roasty in your hired gear.

Before planning your next New Zealand ski holiday however, consider your options, needs and wants. Do you desire a destination where winter winds down later in the year? Do you crave a challenge, even if you need some help along the way? Do you like a laid-back getaway vibe, without battling a constant bustle of thrill-seekers? Yes? Mount Hutt is the place for you.

Unconvinced? We’ve covered the why’s in five short points.

1. Freestyle: No. 1 Terrain Mix on the South Island

Every year, Mt Hutt attracts an average snowfall of 4m. Fresh, squeaky, holiday-happy snow is always on the ground, as those lucky enough to pin down the best of our Mt Hutt skiing packages enjoy 4 vast open terrain areas for all different skill levels – including I’ve-never-done-it-before beginners. Not spine-tingling enough for your notice? Try the vertical drop of 648m at your own risk… and only if you’re extremely experienced.

Find out more about Mt Hutt ski-field, or purchase Mt Hutt Lift Passes.

2. More than a Mountain: NZ’s Longest Snow Season

Boasting a skiable zone of 365 hectares, Mt Hutt is more than a mountain playground with an altitude of 2086m. It’s also the home to one of the longest snow seasons in New Zealand, consistently reporting snow-falls long after other South Island holiday hot-spots switch off their chair-lifts. What does it mean for you? Decide when you’ll go and what you’ll do – date flexibility and snow availability ensures you don’t miss out if you can’t quite schedule some you-time in line with the peak snow season.

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3. Kids for Free: Family Friendly Travel

Mt Hutt ski packages are not an expensive venture for Mum’s and Dad’s looking for a winter wonderland time-out without the inevitable budget blow-out. Say goodbye to miserable camping trips and long, long drives along winding roads to the middle of nowhere – family bonding doesn’t need to be stressful or boring. With the right package and the correct contact, kids under 10 can stay, eat and ski free of charge… and the best part? Your mini-me’s will think you’re the coolest.

4. Kia Ora: Genuine Hospitality

You’ve heard it before, Kiwis are friendly people. New Zealand service staff take customer satisfaction and genuine hospitality seriously, striving to make your experience one to remember… for all the right reasons. They have your back, from letting you in on local secrets, to food and hidden gems, ask politely for the best Mt Hutt ski spots for your level and you’ll receive in spades.

5. City Break: Close to Christchurch

Take a load off your legs give those bulging calf muscles a well-deserved break… it’s time to explore Christchurch. Elegant, serene and surging with foodie culture, the relaxing vibe of this resilient city will put a spring in your step for tomorrow’s session on the slopes. Make sure you check out the Botanic Gardens, Canterbury Square and the Cardboard Cathedral between lunch and snack breaks. Each attraction will change the way you see the people around you for the better.

Get ready to go. Speak to Ski Express today and lose yourself on the snow-fields.