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Where can I ski in Queenstown?

Queenstown spoils visitors with not one, not two, but three world–class ski fields, all within an hour’s drive. You’d be hard pressed finding the same value from a ski package anywhere in the world.

But is it really worth it? Aren’t the mountains pretty much the same, you might ask? No! Queenstown’s ski fields are totally different, and we recommend you try all of them.

Here’s the scoop on Coronet Peak, Cardrona and The Remarkables.

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5 Reasons to go Night Skiing at Coronet Peak

There’s an almost endless number of reasons to try night skiing in Queenstown. It’s great cardio, you’ll get a great night’s sleep afterwards, people on the chairlift won’t see you fall over so easily because it’s dark… but we don’t have all day, so we’ve trimmed that endless list down to just five of the most important reasons to try night skiing at Coronet Peak.

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5 ways to kick off the perfect night out in Queenstown

Queenstown, where days are spent on the mountains and the nights belong to the laneway bars where you’ll learn and perfect the art of après ski. Almost as much as the amazing ski adventures, QT’s legendary nightlife is a big part of why people flock from all over the world to our alpine wonderland. Here’s five ways to kick off your Queenstown night out the right way:

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Skiing with Kids: Your First Family Holiday Survival Guide

The time has come. You can no longer deny yourself a New Zealand holiday, scrimping and saving to afford the snow-side fiesta you know you deserve. Planning a family ski holiday can be a tall order for most – bags, packs, mid-air distractions and age-appropriate attractions, there’s a lot to know and tick off before you board your flight. Luckily, we have the inside word on making the getaway process easier for everyone.

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Ski Speak: 10 Winter Terms For Beginners

The countdown is on. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for the first signs of snowfall, keeping an eye on the calendar and hoping winter comes a little early this year (and hangs around longer). Before joining us on the slopes however, take some time to lock down the local snow speak in preparation for your well-deserved New Zealand ski holiday. Not only will you appear to know precisely what you’re talking about, you’ll find any lessons or weather feedback easier to understand with a little research in your back-pocket.

Sit back, settle in and memorise these 10 terms you’ll hear on the slopes this year!

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4 Wanaka Eats to Please Your Inner Foodie

Are you one click away from booking a snowy New Zealand holiday? Torn between two or three locations? Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you ski in Kiwiland; every field and destination delivers world-class mountain scenery and mood melting side-adventures, so let’s be clear… good food can make or break a getaway experience. Today’s gastronomic spotlight shines on the laid-back winter escape of Wanaka, fleshing out our favourite four haunts to kick back, relax and take advantage of the local après ski setting.

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Snowboarding or Skiing: Which One is Right for You?

Are you wondering which sport to try this winter season, when the mountains glimmer with freshly felled snow? You’ve been all over YouTube, reading opinion blogs, asking friends and generally falling head-first into an opinion well, without knowing what’s really your thing in the first place. Now, snowboarding and skiing are both extremely addictive, so there’s no better… just different.

Because we want you to have the best New Zealand snow holiday possible, we’ve broken down each sport below, noting what you need to know, so you can make the right decision for your style. And remember, if you’re not quite hooked on one, you can always try the other – we always recommend gear hire when you’re first starting out on the slopes.

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4 Ski Tips for Beginners

Hey, Newbie! If you’ve found your way here after googling ski tips and beginners in the same line, we have everything you need in one place. We’re passionate and experienced snow enthusiasts, with a talent for making the first, second and third time easy for learners. Before you buy a bunch of gear, pack your bags and board your plane for the first day of your New Zealand ski holiday – because where else would you want to ski – we have a few insights to save you time, excess baggage charges and a decent amount of guesswork. While we can’t promise to reduce your nerves to zero – a touch of caution can be a beautiful thing – by the end of this article, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your choice of alpine getaway.

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4 Places to Party in Queenstown

We need to talk about Queenstown. The little city on the edge of the water, hemmed in by mountain chains and adrenaline attractions, generating the kind of international buzz usually reserved for big-name places like New York, London and Buenos Aires. We know snow-hoppers love our hearty little adventure hamlet, but did you know it’s also a foodie, party, let’s-have-a-great-time destination? No? Yes? Maybe? While you make up your mind and ask around, here are four places to party in Queenstown – tried, graded and guaranteed to make you dance with holiday happiness. Just don’t go too hard every night, you still need to make the most of the snow-covered slopes.

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